Boycott the Slanted Media!

Steve McDonald By Steve McDonald
Bond Strategist, The Oxford Club

Slap In The Face Award


This week’s “Slap in the Face” Award goes out to the companies that have fostered all the biased and slanted reporting in this year’s presidential race.

(I tried to make this a balanced political Slap…)

But we’re going to have to vote with our dollars to stop it.

I spend a lot of time toggling between Fox News and CNN trying to figure out which outlet presents something closest to “the real story.”

But they’re so far apart in terms of their content, or their “spin” or whatever you call it, I sometimes wonder if they’re covering the same story!

And I’m not the only one who sees it this way.

The little place where I eat breakfast a couple days a week has become a battleground of people shouting what they heard and what they believe they saw from the mainstream news sources.

They’re talking about the same stories, but when you hear them sparring back and forth, you wouldn’t know it.

And the same is true for the big networks like MSNBC, Fox Business News or any other… you name it! Their angles are so different it seems like they’re covering different stories.

But the problem is bigger than just this election.

I hold the media entirely responsible for the huge split in our country. And it’s getting bigger every day!

From where I sit, the mainstream news and popular media aren’t about informing us. They’re about stirring us up and getting us to watch their channels.

It’s all about the dollars.

And the growing split they’ve created is a real threat to our future and security.

So I have an idea for both ends of the political spectrum: Let’s force the media to get off the misinformation train and start presenting facts – not tilted, slanted, biased opinions or agendas.

Vote with your dollar!

Yup, I’m proposing that we cut off the money that makes all the slanted reporting possible.

How do we cut off their money? (Don’t kid yourself, this is all about the dollars)…

We cut off their advertising dollars!

The advertisers are the ones making the biased reporting possible. They pay the bills, and they call the shots…

If you really want unbiased, factual information (which I believe everyone does, no matter their political affiliation), here’s my recommendation:

Write to the advertisers of the news programs you watch – or the ones you hate and won’t watch because of their bias – and explain that you and everyone you know will boycott their products until they force the programs to put aside their slanted agendas and stop stirring up emotion… or the sponsors will pull their advertising dollars and go elsewhere.

That’s called voting with your dollar.

And how do we know when things will have shifted to a fact-versus-agenda format?

Well, when the media starts presenting real experts, not political strategists (from both sides of the spectrum) to debate a topic and answer questions fully. When…

  • They get real CPAs from the big accounting firms to talk about taxes, rather than another paid liar from one of the parties.
  • They interview economists from great business schools to discuss – rather than argue about – how to improve growth and growth rates.
  • CNN says something positive about Trump and Fox says something nice about Hillary.
  • They let their guests answer questions without interruption – and without throwing the conversation over to the favored guest.

Come on folks, this isn’t brain surgery. We aren’t stupid, and we can all see what they’re doing.

You may not like the answers we’d get in a balanced report, but there’s got to be a better way than what we’ve seen in this election cycle.

The reporting has been a bigger disgrace than the race itself!

I don’t know if this is the only answer to the split that’s killing our country, but putting pressure on the popular media’s money sources to try and force objective reporting has got to be a start.

Believe me, when letters start hitting the decision makers at Toyota, GM and other big advertisers supporting the mainstream news programs, they WILL be read, and you WILL be heard.

If you don’t like the reporting you’ve been seeing, hit ‘em where it hurts the most… the wallet!

Good investing,